About Us

about-imgIMG-Crown has been providing Survey Processing, Data Management & Analytics, and IT Solutions to customers since 2008. IMG-Crown has focused on delivering data and IT services across the energy and environmental sectors.

Our Advantages

IMG-Crown has a proven track record of successfully delivering large-scale, complex business solutions. We not only offer the stability of continued support to our existing clients, but also present growth opportunities in delivering new solutions built on customized and emerging technologies. With solutions that encourage collaboration across the enterprise, IMG-Crown reduces costs, speeds time to deliver, and scales to handle data integration projects of any size or complexity.

IMG-Crown is a solutions-focused company with a proven record of delivering on its commitments. That means that our performance is measured by your program’s success, and customers can trust us to be actively engaged in helping them achieve their goals on time and within budget. IMG-Crown has the resources to respond wherever we are needed.

Company History

2003-2008 Crown Consulting was doing business at Energy Information Administration under EOP II

1997-2008 IMG, Inc. was doing business at Energy Information Administration under EOP I, EOP II

2008 IMG-Crown Energy Services Joint Venture, LLC is formed as a partnership between Government Contractors IMG and Crown Consulting, LLC.

2009 IMG-Crown wins contract at the Energy Administration to provide Support Services under the Energy Information Administration Omnibus Procurement #3 (EOP-3)

2010 IMG-Crown awarded first Task Order under EOP-3