Who We Are

solutions-imgIMG-Crown is a small business that offers a broad and diverse set of management, information technology (IT), and data services to public- and private-sector clients. Established in 2008, IMG-Crown has worked with clients to successfully design solutions that focus on opportunities and address challenges facing the constantly changing environments they operate in. We take pride in the quality of our services and solutions. Our standards remain high, and IMG-Crown is charged with forging ahead with new ideas and processes, and looks past “doing business as usual”. IMG-Crown continually delivers our products and services on time and within budget, and continuously is working to meet the changing requirements of our clients, and focusing on doing it RIGHT the first time.

Corporate Culture

IMG-Crown’s commitment to high-quality work and lifestyle is the cornerstone of our corporate culture. IMG-Crown is committed to empowering our employees to improve our communities. IMG-Crown has a commitment to the personal success and professional growth of our staff, which reflects on the success of our projects and long term success of IMG-Crown.