Survey Operations

survey-imgSurvey Management

IMG-Crown is a leading provider of survey management and data processing services to researchers and collection agencies worldwide. Our wide range of expertise includes mail survey management, data entry, data processing, survey open-end coding, statistical analysis, and tabulation and reporting of survey results.

Whether your project requires complex web programming, high volume data entry or data processing, tabulation or reporting/analysis of data you’ve already collected, we are always available to answer your questions, discuss options and help you in every way possible to get the most from your survey research.

Survey Data Collection

IMG-Crown has long been an innovator in survey design and operations, adept at data collection across multiple modes— phone, paper, the web, and in-person interviews, as well as non-interview data sources. Our survey experts not only work on surveys, but can also consult with clients on internal survey development and implementation.

IMG-Crown’s experience ranges from small studies to larger longitudinal and cross-sectional surveys, and includes multiple data collection modes.  Our range of expertise means we are particularly skilled at helping clients evaluate the trade-offs between various survey modes and at identifying the optimal approach to data collection given a client’s research needs, available resources, characteristics of the respondent population, and survey complexity.  We survey an array of respondents, including individuals and organizations, and cover a range of general topics as well as very sensitive subjects.

IMG-Crown excels at obtaining high-quality data and achieving high response rates from populations sometimes hard-to-reach or hard to survey. Our portfolio includes weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual surveys, which reach across a variety of industry data collection points. IMG-Crown’s careful, respectful approach to respondents of surveys, an approach anchored in careful training and regular supplemental training, has yielded high response rates for all our projects undertaken.

IMG-Crown understands the importance of effective quality data assurance in all project activities and supports this objective with a staff members trained in Quality Assurance (QA).  Our staff members provide improvement tools, training, and communications that enhance the quality of IMG-Crown’s deliverables and services, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of IMG-Crown’s processes, and that ultimately support our corporate mission of providing the highest caliber data to our customers.