IT Support

support-imgGovernment IT Enterprise Solution customers need look no further than our IT experts for enterprise consulting, enterprise technology solutions in database development and maintenance, end-user services, and data services.

Database Development & Maintenance

IMG-Crown is intricately involved in the design, development and testing of database applications to help meet business objectives. We have extensive experience designing, configuring, maintaining, and backing up various types of databases including Oracle, SQL Server, Access, Sybase, and MySQL. The strength of this team lies in our ability to deliver high quality database applications on a variety of platforms for a variety of end uses. Our team is well versed in every phase of database development, whether it be creating database schemas, physical and logical models, building stored procedures to encompass customer business rules, or implementing measures to ensure security and data integrity.

Enterprise Software Development

Interface design encompasses three distinct, but related constructs–usability, visualization, and functionality. More recently, a fourth component of interface design has emerged as a critical factor–accessibility. Interface design is most often associated with the development of Web pages, computer software, and multimedia, but it is relevant to the creation of any instructional media or technical equipment.

The objective of IMG-Crown is to reduce long-term costs associated with developing and maintaining enterprise software. We achieve this objective by providing key interface layers, which are resilient to change.  IMG-Crown’s development techniques work with our clients to design and fine-tune the user experience for their software applications. The practice incorporates proven usability principles, a firm understanding of successful business models, and a working knowledge of technology to increase the comprehension, efficiency, retention and satisfaction of the client’s system.

Our understanding of interface design, usability, and information layout can be used to recast existing legacy data into new, easier-to-use systems on the Web. By attempting to port screens or processes from legacy applications directly to the Web, one will only prolong the inferiority of most user interfaces and reduce the utility and understanding of the Web as a universal communication and information exchange medium. In order to maximize Web efficiency, it is necessary to explore the use of guidelines, develop usability methods, and seek guidance from graphic and interface designers that IMG-Crown employs.

The IMG Team brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the arena of electronic data dissemination, including the Internet, mobile and wireless technologies.  To use the Internet as an effective communications tool, information must be well organized and useful, visual interfaces must be simple and intuitive, and an organization’s corporate culture must be molded to respond quickly to inquiries and opportunities presented by Internet users.  IMG-Crown fully understands these elements and can assist our clients in exploring new frontiers for communication and information exchange.