Data Analytics

analytics-imgIMG-Crown has helped hundreds of our clients find solutions to complex business problems through the use of advanced statistical modeling techniques. Our customers rely on us to provide them with the solution to a particular data obstacle or problem. Many of our customers have enormous amounts of extremely valuable data at their disposal, yet they lack the in house resources to optimally analyze their data.

What sets us apart is a core specialty in solving business problems that require statistical methodologies and data analysis techniques which are often beyond the scope of the client’s internal staff. While this is sometimes due to the problem requiring the manipulation of huge and hard to manage data sets, most of our clients come to us simply because the methods needed to solve the problem are complex and unknown to them.

Our solutions are data-driven and analysis-based, and we do not shy away from complex problems. Our core specialty is developing sound statistical methodologies to analyze business problems, and then carrying out the requisite data analyses to solve those problems. Our first step is always to fully understand the problem and the data available to us in solving that problem. Given the type and amount of data available, we then determine the optimal statistical methodology to solve the problem. Alternatively, in the case of the firm having no relevant data, our first step would be to create the optimal methodology to collect the needed data.

In many business problems, the data available can be incomplete, disorganized, or unwieldy. In these cases, we often need to find a intellectual way to extract useful info out of the available data, and/or to supplement that data with additional data. At other times, we are presented with a vaguely-posed business problem, and our job is to specify the problem statistically, and to find a robust and practical solution that doesn’t succumb to data-snooping pitfalls.