IMG-Crown awarded Residential Energy Consumption (RECS): Household Survey Pilot Studies

IMG-Crown was awarded the 2 Year Non-Supply Based Survey Operations Supportto EIA’s Office of Energy Statistics, Office of Consumption and Effeciency Statistics.Support includes survey planning and management, sample selection, preparation of survey materials, pre-testing forms and instruments, collecting, processing, and delivering household data for completed RECS HouseholdSurvey Pilot Study cases.

IMG-Crown awarded 2015 Residential Consumption Survey

IMG-Crown was awarded the 2015 Residential Consumption Survey from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA),Office of Energy Statistics (OES),Office of Energy Consumption and Efficiency Statistics (CES). The project will commence in November 2014, and be managed by IMG-Crown’s partner, RTI, International. The RECS Household Survey is a U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, research […]

Why IT needs to be thinking about BIG Data

The transition to Big Data centralization in the data center is just beginning to happen-which is why it is imperative for IT to start thinking now about how the workflow of Big Data is going to fit with other data center operations. Assuming you have defined the mission-critical areas of the enterprise where Big Data […]

IMG-Crown Passes 50 Employee Mark

IMG-Crown passed the 50 employee milestone in August 2014.

Why Do IT Projects Go Wrong?

WHY DO IT PROJECTS GO WRONG? Every project that a company ventures into doesn’t always yield desired results. There are some projects that are not in line with expectations of the organization or customer. Perhaps in one word we can define those projects as ‘failures’. In IT, a project will often be considered a failure […]

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